5 Must Try Ideas to Avoid Struggle After Testing

With testing in full force the question for new and veteran teachers is, “what are we going to do after testing?” If you’re like me you want to provide students with a fun way to engage the material. Here’s some ideas that friends of ours are doing post testing in different content areas.


Richard Crowley 

Mr. Rich Crowley (@mrrcrowley73 )shares that he likes doing more project based learning after the test. “Students have been cooped up in classrooms and been drilled a million different ways about benchmarks and test items” he has started an inquiry lesson where the students create a space lander that must protect the “cargo”, an egg, from a 10-20-30 foot fall.  Kids are out of their mind excited about getting their hands on the materials and having fun! Through this inquiry lesson students have limited resources and must design their prototype before constructing. If you’d like more info on this idea connect with @mrrcrowley73 on Twitter.

Social Studies

Emsa Caskey

@emsabc loves project based learning and although it hasn’t traditionally been part of the Social Studies classroom, Emsa works tirelessly to implement this best practice. As the class was working through the gold rush of the 1800s, Mr. Caskey designed a real life Oregon Trail. Students had to interact with questions, move a certain amount of miles, and survive with as much as possible.  “Students were not only living in a caravan, they were planing and problem solving ways to ensure complete survival.” Emsa shared that some students didn’t care who lived or died, just so long that they accomplish the mission, which, he said, “is a lesson in itself. Good leadership is essential to long term success”. Connect with @emsabc with questions and requests


Marilyn Haggard

@haggardmk shared an idea to open a cross-curricular lesson. Finding a way to meld all content areas into one great project. Initial ideas include a story that presents a problem such as decreasing carbon footprint of a business. Students would have a  chance to calculate their current carbon footprint, research ways to decrease the footprint, find laws and permits that would be needed to build or install this equipment on the property, keep a budget that has a limited amount of money, and then reevaluate which plan is best and why.


Dan Koch

@danvkoch has an amazing lesson that incorporates not only reading and writing, but listening and creation.  While reading a class novel Mr Koch asked his students to create a soundtrack for the scene as they visualize what’s occurring. Students use Garage Band to write and share their songs. It’s a great way to connect mediums in a low-pressure environment. For more information contact @danvkoch on Twitter.

All Content Areas

Class Twitter Chat

Alex Stubenbort

@alexstubenbort likes to host a Twitter chat with you students!  If your kids don’t have Twitter, set it up ahead of time with your PLN and get us online with you!

Mystery Skype

Jerrica Alligood

Hosting a mystery skype is a great way to grow cultural awareness as well as open eyes to how people from a different place live. Contact @mrsalligood13 for questions and to inquire about setting up a Mystery Chat.  You can feel free to connect with us @Mrleonard8 @Alexstubenbort @DanvKoch to try a Mystery Skype.

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